About Insights

We generate and disseminate learnings to equip practitioners, philanthropists, and policy architects. Through reports, op-eds, videos, and other multimedia content, we aim to surface actionable insights with both short- and long-term impact. In the short term, we strive to generate insights from our Fellowship, Democracy Champions Network, and the broader field to accelerate learning and experimentation. As Keseb’s efforts grow, we will work towards building a knowledge base for long-term democracy promotion strategies to inform U.S. and global stakeholders, as well as demonstrate the power and impact of: (1) a transnational ecosystem for cross-country learning, and (2) investing and supporting democracy entrepreneurs and their efforts. To-date, through reports, briefs, op-eds, and videos, Keseb’s insights have reached audiences across 20+ countries.

Defending and Strengthening Diverse Democracies

The report highlights the drivers of democratic regression in Brazil, India, South Africa and the United States, and surfaces opportunities to defend and strengthen pro-democracy civil society efforts in each country. Additionally, the report calls for a cross-country ecosystem approach to counter enduring authoritarian forces and build inclusive and resilient democracies.

Championing Democracy in this Mega Election Year and Beyond: 10 Actionable Insights from Keseb’s Global Summit

This publication distills the top 10 actionable insights from the 2023 Global Democracy Champions Summit that engaged over 650 participants from 60+ countries in preparation for the 2024 mega election year. The insights cover three themes: countering authoritarianism and safeguarding civil liberties; protecting our information ecosystem; and advancing towards a more pluralistic democracy.
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