Our Core Values

Locally led. Globally connected.

We believe that proximate democracy entrepreneurs should be at the helm of leading change in their communities, with a global network to rely on for learning and collaboration.

Equity is both a process and an outcome.

We believe that we must practice equity in all aspects of our work and build equity-centered institutions that prioritize investing in and supporting people in order to produce equitable outcomes for our communities.

Trust is the foundation of an inclusive and healthy democracy.

We believe that leaders and institutions need to take proactive measures to develop and sustain trust among their diverse constituents in order to build a collective vision, identity, and a civically empowered society.

Transformative philanthropy requires power-sharing.

We believe in investing in leaders and their sustainability to reverse the trend of transactional philanthropy that is extractive and disempowers historically marginalized and underserved communities.

We are bound by our shared humanity.

We believe that our collective progress towards a more just world is fueled by collaboration and mutual respect extending beyond national boundaries.