Keseb is a nonpartisan, pro-democracy
nonprofit organization.

We are building an ecosystem for cross-country learning, collaboration, and innovation to counter authoritarianism and advance inclusive and resilient democracies.

The global order is nearing a tipping point, and if democracy’s defenders do not work together to help guarantee freedom for all people, the authoritarian model will prevail.”

— ­­Freedom in the World 2022, Freedom House

Why Keseb?

Democracy is at an inflection point. The bifurcation of national and international pro-democracy efforts has hindered effective transference of knowledge and tactics.

We approach our work through a multidisciplinary lens.

Democracy Fellowship

Our Fellowship provides a community of learning and practice, multi-year funding and wellness stipend.

Democracy Champions Network

Our Network helps to energize the pro-democracy field by curating programming that facilitates transnational exchanges between the Global North and the Global South, as well as between grassroots and grasstops leaders and organizations.


Defending and Strengthening Diverse Democracies

The report highlights the drivers of democratic regression in Brazil, India, South Africa and the United States, and surfaces opportunities to defend and strengthen pro-democracy civil society efforts in each country. Additionally, the report calls for a cross-country ecosystem approach to counter enduring authoritarian forces and build inclusive and resilient democracies.

The Emerging Field of Political Innovation

Keseb is highlighted as an example of a field “orchestrator” in this Stanford Social Innovation Review feature article. The authors argue that it is important to establish structure and definitions for what political innovation is and what it is not in order to give the field more stability.