About the Democracy Fellowship

Our Fellowship provides a community of learning and practice, multi-year funding and wellness stipend for democracy entrepreneurs and their organizations from Brazil, South Africa, and the United States.

Keseb Democracy Fellows engage in in-person and virtual sessions supported by Keseb’s team as well as leading subject matter, country-level, and transnational experts to expand and deepen their knowledge base and network, exchange lessons and strategies, and build a community of support and solidarity.

Focus areas and selection criteria

Informed by our findings and analysis in the Defending and Strengthening Diverse Democracies report, Keseb’s Fellowship investments are currently focused on efforts that are enabling inclusive and effective political and civic participation.

Specifically, we are focused on efforts that are working across four pillars:

Promoting free, fair, and trusted elections

Building leadership pipeline for representative government

Combatting mis and dis-information

Cultivating informed, empowered, and engaged citizens and voters

We select fellows and organizations using a set of eligibility and impact criteria including:

Currently, our process is by invitation only and we are not accepting applications. However, we invite democracy entrepreneurs and their organizations to fill out an interest form if they would like to be considered in future cycles.