Tainah Pereira

Political coordinator

Mulheres Negras Decidem, meaning ‘Black Women Decide,’ is a statement of belief in the ability of current generations to enforce the democratic pact in Brazil.

About Mulheres Negras Decidem

Mulheres Negras Decidem, is a political movement created in 2018 to promote, support and train black women in institutional politics in Brazil. They debunk myths around black women in politics, reposition issues on the public agenda, provide political training, and conduct data-centered research. Mulheres Negras Decidem promotes the agenda led by black women in institutional politics, strengthening Brazilian democracy and using it as a strategy to overcome the lack of representation of black women in the spheres of power.

Tainah Pereira's Bio

Tainah Pereira is a Brazilian internationalist who works on democratic innovation issues with a specific focus on black women’s political participation, qualification of public debate, skills development, and networking for candidates. Tainah is a Political Coordinator for the Mulheres Negras Decidem movement, working on themes like the deepening of democracy, open government data, and political articulation. Tainah maintains a specific focus on democratic innovation around black women’s political participation, skills development, and networking for candidates. In 2022, Tainah was selected to attend the program on Democracy and Development at Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. Tainah Pereira completed a BA in International Relations and a Master’s in Political Science from the Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro State and is also a Ph.D. Student in International Political Economy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Focus Area in Democracy
  • Building a leadership pipeline for representative government
  • Cultivating informed, empowered, and engaged citizens and voters