Koketso Moeti

Founding Executive Director

amandla.mobi is a growing movement that aims to shift power for a just and people-powered South Africa.

About amandla.mobi

amandla.mobi harnesses mobile connectivity to organize, unify and amplify underrepresented voices around issues of injustice and mobilizes the collective voice of members of our community at key moments through targeted, coordinated and strategic campaigns that catalyze tangible change. This may take the form of petitions, protests and enabling grassroots participation. amandla.mobi runs and supports campaigns across issues from health, education and sanitation, to corruption, refugee rights and corporate profiteering. The amandla.mobi community is a national movement of nearly 1 million people that believes in and supports collective power, particularly the collective power of low-income Black women.

Koketso Moeti's Bio

Koketso Moeti is the Founding Executive Director of amandla.mobi. She has a long background in civic activism and has, over the years, worked at the intersection of governance, communication, and citizen action. Koketso is an expert advisor of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering with Civil Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution initiative, as well as a founding reference group member for the Civic Tech Innovation Network. In 2022 she was announced as a Mulago Foundation Rainer Arnhold fellow. She is also an inaugural Collective Action in Tech fellow; an Atlantic fellow for racial equity; an inaugural Obama Foundation fellow and an Aspen Institute New Voices senior fellow. Koketso is an alumnus of the Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) summer institute, hosted by the Sié Chéou-Kang Center at the University of Denver. When not working, she can be found writing and has been published by Project Syndicate, City Press, NPR, Al Jazeera, Salon, The Guardian and Africa is a Country, among others.

Focus Area in Democracy

Cultivating informed, empowered, and engaged citizens and voters