Gabriel Marmentini

Co-founder and Executive Director

Politize! has a mission of developing a generation of citizens who are aware of and committed to democracy, bringing political education to anyone, anywhere. As long as Brazil is not a full democracy, Politize’s! work is not over.

About Politize! - Civic Education Institute

Politize! produces free and unbiased content of political education on the internet, trains civic leaders for being capable of solving public problems and trains teachers to educate the youth in the process to become an engaged citizen. Founded in 2015 to fill the gap in political education in Brazil, aiming to strengthen Brazilian democracy, “Politize!” means, in Portuguese, “to politicize.” Reframing the concept of citizenship, Politize! stands out as an organization that knows how to combine theoretical knowledge with practical actions, encouraging its network to assume a leading role in solving complex public problems and to understand that politics is inherent in all our actions and experiences, and it is our responsibility to activate citizenship for the common good.

Gabriel Marmentini's Bio

Gabriel chose to dedicate his career to the Brazilian third sector, seeking to strengthen democracy and social justice in his country through social entrepreneurship. At age 22, he was involved in founding two civil society organizations working to generate systemic impact: Politize! – Civic Education Institute and the Brazilian Association of Head and Neck Cancer (ACBG Brasil). Gabriel attended Santa Catarina State University, earning a degree in Public Administration in 2015, becoming MSc in Administration in 2018 and currently doing his PhD, also in Administration, expected to be completed by the end of 2023. In 2021, Gabriel started his career as a substitute teacher at Santa Catarina State University, teaching the disciplines of Social Entrepreneurship, Socio-environmental Responsibility Management and Coproduction of the Public Good. Gabriel recognizes the importance of networks and has participated in several important movements, including Choice Movement, Warriors Without Weapons, Social Good Brasil Lab, Red Bull Amaphiko, Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, Facebook Community Leadership Program and One Young World. Gabriel was recognized for his work as a young innovator in the Forbes Under 30 editorial and in the largest social entrepreneurship award in Latin America, the Empreendedor Social Folha Award.

Focus Area in Democracy
  • Combatting mis and dis-information
  • Cultivating informed, empowered, and engaged citizens and voters