Flávia Pellegrino

Executive Director

Pacto pela Democracia seeks to defend and reinvigorate democracy in Brazil in order to move towards a society in which democratic principles, freedoms, and rights are guaranteed and effective for all Brazilians.

About Pacto pela Democracia

Pacto pela Democracia, which means Pact for Democracy, is a coalition of diverse organizations, movements, and activists. Pacto pela Democracia coordinates the efforts of social actors across the ideological spectrum to strengthen civil society’s capacity to defend and strengthen democracy in Brazil. Its uniqueness is in how it brings together very diverse social actors in a nonpartisan space, allowing different agendas, visions, and political identities to come together to collaborate.

Flávia Pellegrino's Bio

Flávia Pellegrino is the executive director of Pacto pela Democracia. Over the past decade, Flávia has built and coordinated networks within Brazilian civil society dedicated to important social and political causes such as the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the defense of democracy and human rights. Flávia holds a degree in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (Brazil) and a master’s degree in Political Science from the Institut des Hautes Etudes de l’Amérique Latine at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (France). Prior to her work in civil society organizations, Flávia worked as a journalist in Brazil and France, coordinated projects in the education sector, and taught politics at a popular prep school in São Paulo.

Focus Area in Democracy
  • Promoting free, fair and trusted elections
  • Combatting mis and dis-information
  • Cultivating informed, empowered, and engaged citizens and voters